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Aluberg S2 Converting Sys-Tec Cromachem Policolor Labeltech Radobla


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S.p.a. has always specialised in the converting of aluminium foil, plastic film, and flexible laminates.
With more than 20 years experience, a continuous updating in the production process, and the use of plant equipped with the latest technology, give for efficency and productivity.
Special care is taken in training and in implicating our staff, who, both highly qualified and motivated, stand for the key of our success.
An enthusiastic sales team has made sure that Aluberg S.p.a. is known worldwide, and our leaning to export keeps us informed of latest developments, to which we can react to immediately.
Thanks to close collaboration with our clients, new products are constantly being developed.

For more informations sales and technical assistance please contact :


Via Rebecchi, 1 24060 - Bagnatica (BG) ITALY

Ph. +39 035 6665200 - fax +39 035 680508


Mail: fnicastro@aluberg.it  or  info@aluberg.it


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